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Geyer's Larkspur - Delphinium geyeri

Status Under Review

Global Rank: G5
State Rank: SNA

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General Description
Geyer's Larkspur is a perennial 30-60 cm tall arising from deep, branched, fibrous roots. Leaves are basal and cauline, with dense, minute pubsecence, and palmately divided with more rounded, wider lobes on basal leaves than stem leaves. Sepals are bright blue and flared, with spurs that are straight to slighty down-curved. Upper petals are whitish with blue tips, lacking prominent blue-purple lines.

Diagnostic Characteristics
Distinguished from Delphinium bicolor by the presence of dense, minute pubscence; also distinguished from D. bicolor subsp. calcicola by the cleft in the low petal 2 mm or less.

Open slopes and thickets at lower elevations.

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