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Tansy Cinquefoil - Potentilla bipinnatifida

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Global Rank: G5
State Rank: SNR

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General Description
Perennials from stout, branched caudex; stems 20-50 cm tall, erect or decumbent at base, pubescent with short and long hairs (spreading to ascending) or nearly glabrous. Petioles equaling or exceeding lenght of leaf blade. Basal leaves 10-25 cm, pinnate, often appearing digitate; leaflets 5-7(-9), crowded, up to 6 cm long by 3 cm wide, divided to nearly midrib, the segments 1.5-3.0 mm wide, greyish-green above and more or less pubescent (hairs long and short) or glabrous; lower surface whitish and tomentose with longer appressed (=sericeous) hairs or occasionally green and glabrous. Stem leaves similar to basal but short-petiolate. Inflorescnce open or congested, many-flowered. Flowers 6-10 mm diameter. Sepals 3-4 mm long, ovate, bractlets of epicalyx shorter and narrower than sepals. Petals obcordate to somewhat squarish, shorter than sepals, yellow. Achenes ca. 1 mm long (adapted from: Flora of Alberta, 1994, 2nd ed., revised).

Species Range
Montana Range Range Descriptions


Range Comments
MT east to MN, south to UT and CO (Kartesz in prep. 2012).

Observations in Montana Natural Heritage Program Database
Number of Observations: 56

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Relative Density



(Observations spanning multiple months or years are excluded from time charts)

Dry prairies and open slopes (Flora of Alberta, 1994, 2nd ed., revised).

The following animal species have been reported as pollinators of this plant species or its genus where their geographic ranges overlap: Bombus bifarius, Bombus fervidus, Bombus frigidus, Bombus rufocinctus, Bombus occidentalis, Bombus pensylvanicus, Bombus impatiens, and Bombus flavidus (Thorp et al. 1983, Wilson et al. 2010, Colla and Dumesh 2010, Colla et al. 2011, Koch and Strange 2012, Koch et al. 2012, Williams et al. 2014).

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