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Glandular Labrador-tea - Ledum glandulosum
Other Names:  Ledum groenlandicum ssp. glandulosum, Rhododendron columbianum

Native Species

Global Rank: G5
State Rank: S4
C-value: 7

Agency Status


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General Description
Stems erect-ascending, sparingly branched, to 120 cm; floral buds terminal, globose; foliage buds lateral, ovoid, closely crowded beneath the larger floral bud. Leaves alternate, petiolate, leathery; to ca. 15 mm long, elliptic to obovate, entire, dark green above, whitish, yellow glandular-dotted below. Inflorescence a crowded, umbel-like raceme of many flowers borne from the distal floral bud of last year’s stem, pedicels to 2 cm long. Flowers hypogynous, 5-merous; sepals, white, glandular, nearly separate; corolla dish-shaped; petals separate, white, oblong; stamens 10; ovary superior. Fruit an ovoid, 5-chambered capsule (Stickney in Lesica et al. 2012. Manual of Montana Vascular Plants. BRIT Press. Fort Worth, TX).

Our plants are variety glandulosum.

Diagnostic Characteristics

Species Range
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Observations in Montana Natural Heritage Program Database
Number of Observations: 280

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Relative Density



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Moist to wet forests and meadows; valleys to subalpine (Stickney in Lesica et al. 2012. Manual of Montana Vascular Plants. BRIT Press. Fort Worth, TX).

The following animal species have been reported as pollinators of this plant species or its genus where their geographic ranges overlap: Bombus vagans and Bombus ternarius (Colla and Dumesh 2010).

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