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Rustic Indian Paintbrush - Castilleja flava var. rustica
Other Names:  Castilleja rustica

Native Species

Global Rank: G4G5T3T4
State Rank: S3S4

Agency Status
MNPS Threat Rank:

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General Description
Perennial; stems clustered, ascending to erect, usually branched above, 20-40 cm tall. Stems appressed hairy, often purplish. Leaves densely hairy, the lower ones linear and entire, the upper usually with 1-2 pairs of linear, divergent lobes. Bracts broader than the leaves, 3-5 parted, hairy, yellowish or occasinally reddish. Flowers rather remote and not hidden by bractes. Calyx 12-23 mm long, deeply and subequally cleft above and below, its primary lobes again divided into 2 triangular, acute segments 2-6 mm long. Corolla 15-25 mm long, usually longer than calyx; lower lip reduced, 1/2-1/5 length of the galea, its lobes and sometimes its pouch hairy (Ownbey, 1959, Vasc. Pl. Pac. Northwest, Part 4).

Range Comments
WA (?) to MT, south to OR and WY (Kartesz 2009).

Dry soils in sagebrush areas.

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