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Mahaleb Cherry - Prunus mahaleb
Other Names:  Perfumed Cherry, St. Lucie Cherry

Non-native Species

Global Rank: G5
State Rank: SNA

Agency Status
MNPS Threat Rank:
C-value: 1

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General Description
Shrub to small tree. Branchlets tomentose, becoming glabrous and pruinose. Petioles 6-12 mm long. Leaf blades 3-5(-7) cm long, broadly ovate to orbicular, tip abruptly short-acuminate, based rounded to subcordate, margins finealy serrate with gland near sinus, hairy on veins below. Stipules ovate-lanceolate, glandular, caducous. Flower pedicels 10-14 mm long, glabrous. Calyx lobes 1.6-2 mm, ovate, entire,glabrous, becoming sharply reflexed. Petals 5-8 mm long, obovate, narrowed at base, white. Fruit ca. 6 mm in diameter, ovoid, dark red to black, glossy (adapted from: McGregor, 1986, Flora of the Great Plains).

Range Comments
Introduced horticulturally; widespread but erratic across much of North America (Kartesz in prep. 2012).

Old farmsteads and escaping into woods, thickets and along streams (Flora of the Great Plains 1986).

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