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Leafy Spurge - Euphorbia esula

Noxious Weed: Priority 2B
Non-native Species

Global Rank: GNR
State Rank: SNA

Agency Status
MNPS Threat Rank:
C-value: 0

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General Description
Glabrous perennial with spreading roots. Stems erect, 30–80 cm. Leaves alternate, linear-oblanceolate, entire, 2–6 cm long. Inflorescence a terminal umbel with yellow-green, ovate bracts 8–16 mm long; solitary, bracteate cyathia in upper leaf axils. Cyathia 2–3 mm long, the 4 yellowish glands with a lunate appendage. Capsule ca. 4 mm long, nearly smooth (Lesica 2012. Manual of Montana Vascular Plants. BRIT Press. Fort Worth, TX).

Species Range
Montana Range


Range Comments
Euphorbia esula and its closely related taxa are native to central and eastern Europe with extensions into western Europe and temperate Asia. It is now found worldwide with the exception of Australia. It was most likely introduced into North America via Minnesota with shiploads of oats (Batho 1932).

Euphorbia esula is presently a major economic concern in the northwestern and north-central states of the United States and in the adjacent prairie regions of the provinces of Canada. States with the greatest infestations include Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Observations in Montana Natural Heritage Program Database
Number of Observations: 104253

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Relative Density



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Grasslands, meadows, woodlands, riparian forest; plains, valleys (Lesica 2012. Manual of Montana Vascular Plants. BRIT Press. Fort Worth, TX).


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