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Chilean Brome - Bromus berterianus
Other Names:  Bromus trinii, Bromus berteroanus

Non-native Species

Global Rank: GNR
State Rank: SNA
C-value: 1

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General Description
Annuals, 30-60 cm tall. Sheaths pilose to nearly glabrous; blades 7-28 cm long, 2-9 mm wide, pilose to glabrous. Panciles 10-20 cm long, 3-9 cm wide, erect, dense; branches appressed to spreading, sometimes flexuous. Spikelets 15-20 mm long, more or less terete, florets 3-9. Lower glume 8-10 mm long, 1-veined; upper glume 12-16 mm, 3(-5)-veined; lemmas 11-14 mm long, sparsely pubescent, 5-veined, rounded over the midvein, apex acuminate, bifid, teeth 2-3 mm long, awns 13-20 mm, geniculate, moderately to strongly twisted in the basal portion; anthers 2-25 mm long (adapted from: Pavlick & Anderton, 2007, in Flora N. America, Vol. 24).

Range Comments
BC, CA, NV, AZ, soutwest UT, and reported for Gallatin County, MT (Pavlick & Anderton, 2007, in Flora of North America, Vol. 24).


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