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Yellow Floating Heart - Nymphoides peltata
Other Names:  Yellow Floatingheart

Aquatic Invasive Species
Non-native Species
Not Documented

Global Rank: G5
State Rank: SNA
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State Rank Reason (see State Rank above)
Nymphoides peltata is an aquatic plant native to Eurasia and introduced into North America. It has not been documented in Montana. A conservation status rank is not applicable (SNA) because the plant is not a suitable target for conservation activities. The purpose of this profile is to provide awareness and education to prevent its introduction into Montana.

Nymphoides peltata is cultivated for aquatic gardens, but when released into the natural environment it can become an aggressive weed. Please do not plant exotic aquatic plants into water bodies because the consequences for escape and invasion are far too great. Preventing deliberate plantings and spread from plant fragments are the best means to keep this plant out of Montana’s waters.
General Description
PLANTS: Perennial, aquatic plants with submersed stems and floating leaves. Source: Gilbin et al. [eds.] 2018.

LEAVES: Floating leaves are roundish to narrowly elliptic, 2-15 cm across, and with smooth to shallow broadly toothed margins. There are no submersed leaves. Source: Gilbin et al. [eds.] 2018.

INFLORESCENCE: Yellow flowers occur in an umbel with erect stems (peduncles). Flowers occur above the water surface (are emergent). Umbels consist of 4-20 flowers and grow from between two sub-oppositely arranged leaves. Source: Gilbin et al. [eds.] 2018.

Range Comments
Yellow Floating Heart is introduced into portions of eastern Canada (NRCS – PLANTS Database accessed on June 24, 2019) and southern British Columbia (Gilbin et al. [eds.] 2018). Yellow Floating Heart is introduced in several U.S. states in the New England, mid-west and south-central regions, plus Arizona, California, and Washington (NRCS – PLANTS Database accessed on June 24, 2019). In Washington it occasionally escapes cultivation and has been found in southwestern and eastern Washington (Gilbin et al. [eds.] 2018).

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Yellow Floating Heart is cultivated for aquatic gardens (Jepson Flora Project [eds.] 2019).

In Washington it is found along pond and lake margins.
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Reproductive Characteristics
Sepals are 10-13 mm long. 5-6 yellow petals are circular in outline, 2-5 cm wide, and with winged to somewhat laciniate (fringed unequally) margins. 5 Stamens alternate with the petals and have anthers about 3 mm long. Pistil is superior, has a 2-carpel ovary and styles 1-5 mm long.

Fruit is a capsule of 12-25 mm tall.


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