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A Pseudocalliergon Moss - Pseudocalliergon turgescens
Other Names:  Scorpidium turgescens, Calliergon turgescens

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Global Rank: G5
State Rank: SH

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General Description
Plants: Pleurocarpous (Vitt 1988), developing deep mats or tufts, stout, yellow-brown to olive green below with golden tips, (Lawton 1971), the gold glistening when dry (FNA 2014). Stems 3-10 cm in length (Lawton 1971), sparingly and erratically branched, possessing a central strand (FNA 2014).

Leaves: Stem leaves upright and overlapping or somewhat spreading, ovate or widely so, with an abrupt narrowing to the apex (FNA 2014), 2-2.7 mm in length (Lawton 1971); margins smooth to sometimes extremely fine-toothed in part (FNA 2014), frequently inrolled and overlapping above (Lawton 1971), borderless; apex concave, broadly rounded or obtuse with a short apiculus (FNA 2014); base rounded, slightly clasping the stem, not decurrent (Lawton 1971). The costa is usually double and 1/5-2/5 the length of the leaf; if single (rare), then a little longer (FNA 2014).

Leaf Cells: Upper cells smooth (FNA 2014), long and thin with ends attenuating; apical and basal cells broader, shorter, and thicker-walled, with basal cells pitted and more deeply colored (Lawton 1971); alar cells smaller and more slender (Lawton 1971), quadrate to oblong, a little swollen, thick- to very thick-walled, becoming yellow with age; marginal cells 1-layered (FNA 2014).

Diagnostic Characteristics
The leaves of P. turgescens are almost always yellow or golden-brown except in shaded habitats (FNA 2014).

P. turgescens and the straight-leaved forms of Scorpidium scorpioides are often confused. However, P. turgescens has numerous small, thick-walled alar cells and no hyalodermis. S. scorpioides has a few large thin-walled alar cells and at least an incomplete hyalodermis. S. scorpioides frequently displays red colors; red is never seen in P. turgescens (FNA 2014).

Species Range

Range Comments
North America: Found in all Canadian provinces and territories except PE, in the west extending s to OR, ID, CO, MN, MI, OH, NY, MA, VT, and ME; Greenland, South America, Eurasia and Africa (FNA 2014). Known in Montana from Flathead and Teton Counties (Elliott 2016).

Observations in Montana Natural Heritage Program Database
Number of Observations: 2

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Found on wet soil in calcareous seeps and fens, on smooth limestone or in small soil indentations, on rocks rinsed with calcium-laden water, submerged in small water bodies (FNA 2014).

Reproductive Characteristics
Dioicous. Capsule horizontal or tilted (FNA 2014).

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