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A Trichodon Moss - Trichodon cylindricus

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Global Rank: G4G5
State Rank: SNR

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General Description
Plants: Growing in open cushions or turfs of erect shoots (Crum & Anderson et al. 1981), pale green or green with yellow tones. Stems 2-4 mm in length (FNA 2007), mostly unbranched (Crum & Anderson et al. 1981); axillary hairs of 5 cells, 3 long transparent ones distally and 2 brown ones proximally, 2 hairs in a leaf axil; papillose rhizoids proximally (FNA 2007).

Leaves: A little curved and twisted when dry, 1-3 mm in length (FNA 2007), oblong (Crum & Anderson et al. 1981) or obovate, tapering to a long subula (Malcolm & Malcolm 2009); subula a little bent and spreading when dry, and spreading to ca 90 degrees when wet (Crum & Anderson et al. 1981), margins saw-toothed or finely so along the subula, strongly rolled inward to form a tube (tubulose); base wide and enveloping the stem; costa extending to the apex, occupying most of the far end of the subula, appearing papillose on the dorsal surface from overlapping and protuberant cell ends (FNA 2007).

Leaf Cells: Cells of the sheath large and fine-walled, the medial cells above the shoulders quadrangular, smaller above than at the base (FNA 2007), short and with moderately thick walls (Crum & Anderson et al. 1981); margins of 1 cell layer, sometimes 2 near the apex; costa of 2 cell layers, 4-5 layers at mid-leaf, typically with 1 row of stereid cells on the outer face (Lawton 1971).

Trichodon cylindricus var. cylindricus: Present in Montana (FNA 2007).

Trichodon cylindricus var. oblongus: Apparently unknown in Montana (FNA 2007).

Range Comments
North American Range

Variety cylindricus: AK, YT, BC and AB s to CA, ID and MT, ON to NL and NB, MI (FNA 2007). Known in Montana from Flathead, Glacier, Lake, and Lincoln Counties (Elliott 2016).

Variety oblongus: AK to NT (FNA 2007).

Observations in Montana Natural Heritage Program Database
Number of Observations: 2

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Variety cylindricus: Soil of exposed, disrupted habitats, such as fields, paths, road embankments. Elevation: 100-6560 feet (FNA 2007).

Variety oblongus: Soil of exposed, disrupted habitats; arctic regions (FNA 2007).

Reproductive Characteristics
Dioicous. Perichaetia and perigonia borne at stem ends (FNA 2007), the perigonia big (Crum & Anderson et al. 1981); perigonial leaf bracts orange at the bottom (Lawton 1971); perichaetial bracts similar to vegetative leaves. Seta 3-27 mm tall, reddish, spiraled when dry. Capsule cylindric, straight to a little bowed, carried beyond the perichaetial bracts (FNA 2007); peristome divisions 16, divided almost to the bottom into 2 or 3 thread-like and papillose parts (Crum & Anderson et al. 1981).

Specialized vegetative reproduction occasionally occurring as smooth, yellowish to brownish tubers of various shapes arising from rhizoids (FNA 2014).

Variety cylindricus: Seta 5-27 mm tall. Capsule usually inclined and a little bowed (occasionally straight) (FNA 2007).

Variety oblongus: Seta 3-13 mm tall. Capsule usually upright, straight to weakly bowed (FNA 2007).

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