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Mucron-leaf Tortula Moss - Tortula mucronifolia

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Global Rank: G5
State Rank: SNR

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General Description
Plants: Acrocarpous (Vitt 1988). Growing in open, upright tufts or scattered (Lawton 1971), green or deep green above (FNA 2007), sometimes tinted with ochre or yellow (Crum & Anderson et al. 1981). Stems 1 cm in height (rarely taller), occasionally branched (Lawton 1971); possessing a central strand (FNA 2007).

Leaves: Contorted and spiraled when dry, spreading a little when wet, 2-5 mm in length, 0.6-1.5 mm in width (Lawton 1971), lance-shaped tending toward rectangular, or obovate, the leaf tip rounded and more or less acute (FNA 2007); margins tightly rolled back and downward in the proximal 1/2 to 2/3 (Crum & Anderson et al. 1981); costa robust, extending beyond the apex to form a mucro, the mucro yellow, smooth or finely saw-toothed proximally (Lawton 1971).

Leaf Cells: Base sometimes bordered with several series of cells having thicker walls (1-3:1) (FNA 2007), the border sometimes unclear (Lawton 1971); upper laminal cells 6-sided, the angles smoothed, isodiametric, lacking papillae or the papillae faint; basal cells rectangular and fine-walled (FNA 2007), hyaline (Lawton 1971); costa with hydroid strand, dorsal stereid band (FNA 2007), and 2 guide cells (Lawton 1971).

Fruit ripens during the summer (FNA 2007).

Diagnostic Characteristics
Tortula subulata is closely related but has a border more developed and highly papillose medial laminal cells. Intermediate forms occur where their ranges intersect (FNA 2007).

Range Comments
North American Range

AK to NL and NS, extending s to PA, the states surrounding the Great Lakes, and also to NE, NM, AZ, and CA (FNA 2007); Mexico (Baja California) (Crum & Anderson et al. 1981). In Montana, known from Beaverhead, Carbon, Cascade, Fallon, Flathead, Gallatin, Glacier, Hill, Lake, Lewis and Clark, Madison, Meagher, Missoula, Park, Ravalli, Roosevelt, and Sweet Grass Counties (Elliott 2016).

Observations in Montana Natural Heritage Program Database
Number of Observations: 13

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Calcareous soil in cliff fissures and on shelves, protected places among rocks (Crum & Anderson et al. 1981). Elevation: 0-8860 feet (FNA 2007).

Reproductive Characteristics
Autoicous. Seta 10-20 mm in length, carrying the capsule well beyond the perichaetial leaves. Capsule upright, straight or weakly curved, the theca 3-6 mm in length; peristome teeth filamentous (FNA 2007), orange or rarely pale red (Crum & Anderson et al. 1981), spiraled at least 1 full revolution (FNA 2007).

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