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Byrne Resort Mountainsnail - Oreohelix sp. 31

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Global Rank: G1G2Q
State Rank: S1S2

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General Description
Size is intermediate within the range of the genus; has up to 5.5 whorls or a diameter of up to 16mm (Frest and Johannes, 1995). For a more complete description of the morphological and diagnostic characters see Frest and Johannes (1995).

Range Comments
The current distribution of this species is quite limited to a few colonies in the old Byrne Resort Area; Frest and Johannes (1995) feel that this species may also occur in Lolo National Forest or in State of Montana lands near the current colonies. Originally, OREOHELIX SP 31 occurred in the portion of the Clark Fork River valley near Bearmouth in Granite County, MT (Frest and Johannes 1995).


Threats or Limiting Factors
Threats to this species are derived primarily from human activities such as extraction of talus for road construction material as well as general maintenance of nearby highways and roads. Grazing and roadside spraying have also impacted the species negatively, and although the resort is no longer active, its impact can still be seen (Frest and Johannes 1995).

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