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Missoula Mountainsnail - Oreohelix sp. 10

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Special Status Species
Native Species

Global Rank: G1G3Q
State Rank: S1S3

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General Description
The shell of the Missoula Mountainsnail is rather thin with 5-5.5 close set whorls and often appears reddish-brown. There are two narrow white bands near the shell's edges (Frest and Johannes, 1995). For a more complete morphological description see Frest and Johannes (1995).

Range Comments
The original range is described by Frest and Johannes (1995) as being Missoula and Granite counties, specifically including Mt. Jumbo and Mt. Sentinel. The extent of the current range is somewhat uncertain. Some sites within the original range are "no longer collectable," but it is felt that the species probably survives at other sites in the original range area.


Threats or Limiting Factors
Threats include road building and maintenance, logging, grazing, urban expansion in the Missoula area and elsewhere in Granite and Missoula cos. (Frest and Johannes 1995).

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