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Kitchen Creek Mountainsnail - Oreohelix sp. 7

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Global Rank: G1G2Q
State Rank: SU
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State Rank Reason (see State Rank above)
Taxonomy of some Oreohelix species remains unresolved, including this species. Species also lacks recent observations and other data used to assess rank. Until these issues are resolved the species is unrankable.
General Description
A medium sized species reaching 30mm in length. Adults have 4.0-5.5 whorls (Frest and Johannes, 1995). For a more complete and detailed morphological description see Frest and Johannes' 1995 text.

Range Comments
Currently known from only one site at Kitchen Gulch in the John Long Mountains of Lolo National Forest, Granite County Originally, the Kitchen Gulch site and vicinity supported more than one colony. Occurrences were also known from near Corvallis, Ravalli County Further study may reveal surviving specimens in portions of the Lolo National Forest and the Bitterroot National Forest adjacent to the Kitchen Gulch site (Frest and Johannes 1995).


The Kitchen Creek Mountainsnail is found on steep, thin talus slopes in Ponderosa Pine forest which tends to be open and dry. In particular, this species favors slope bases and areas along river corridors (Frest and Johannes 1995).

A moderate xerophile (Frest and Johannes 1995).

Threats or Limiting Factors
Threats to the species come mostly from various forms of human disturbance, including nearby roadways, highways, mining, grazing, and logging. Frest and Johannes (1995) note that these threats have an increased impact on this and on other OREOHELIX species since their habitat preference (slope bases at the edge of flood plains) coincides with excellent locations for roads and other human activities that cause habitat degradation and destruction.

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