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Kintla Lake Mountainsnail - Oreohelix sp. 6

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Special Status Species
Native Species

Global Rank: G1Q
State Rank: SU
(see State Rank Reason below)

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State Rank Reason (see State Rank above)
Taxonomy of some Oreohelix species remains unresolved, including this species. Species also lacks recent observations and other data used to assess rank. Until these issues are resolved the species is unrankable.
General Description
Adult specimens are moderately sized up to 20mm with 5.25-5.5 whorls being typical (Frest and Johannes, 1995). For further description, including juveniles, see Frest and Johannes (1995).

Range Comments
Historically, there have been two distinct and largely separated colonies, one in Rattler Gulch in the Garnet Range, Granite County, MT, and one near Upper Kintla Lake in Glacier National Park, Flathead County, MT. The extent of the current range is unclear; an unsuccessful search of Rattler Gulch was made in 1994, and the Upper Kintla Lake site has not been surveyed in the recent past (Frest and Johannes 1995).


Threats or Limiting Factors
Threats to the species come directly from human disturbance activities such as heavy grazing, logging, talus mining, and road construction (Frest and Johannes 1995).

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