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Drummond Mountainsnail - Oreohelix sp. 4

Native Species

Global Rank: G1Q
State Rank: S1

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General Description
Relatively small slowly expanding shell with 5.5 whorls. OREOHELIX SP 4 shares shell features with OREOHELIX WALTONI and is a member of the OREOHELIX YAVAPAI MARIAE complex. For a more complete textual description of the detailed shell characteristics see Frest and Johannes' 1995 description.

Range Comments
Based on the work of Frest and Johannes (1995), this species is currently found only at one small remnant site, not even six feet long, along a road near the site of Nimrod, MT. According to the authors, two other colonies that once also occurred near the site of Nimrod have been extirpated. Historically, the species may have commonly occurred between Clinton and Garrison, along the Clark Fork River valley. The authors feel that colonies may survive at undiscovered sites and/or in nearby portions of Lolo National Forest, BLM lands, or State of Montana lands.


According to Frest and Johannes (1995), plants associated with the species include POPULUS and grasses.

Threats or Limiting Factors
Road building and maintenance, roadside spraying, extensive grazing, and logging all pose threats; preferred habitat appears to be in areas particularly likely to be utilized for roads or for human habitation (Frest and Johannes 1995).

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