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Yakutat Moonwort - Botrychium yaaxudakeit

Species of Concern

Global Rank: G3G4
State Rank: S1
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State Rank Reason (see State Rank above)
A globally rare species, recently documented in Montana from Glacier National Park.
General Description
Plants 8-25 cm tall; common stalk 1-5 cm long. Trophophores green, leathery; stalks 0-0.5 cm long; blades ca. 1.7-11 cm long, ca. 1.2-6 cm wide at thh base, oblong to ovate, once pinnate. Pinna pairs 4-7, angled toward the apex, strongly overlapping one another, the anterior portion overlapping the rachis. Basal pinnae 7-30 mm long, 9-32 mm wide, short-stalked, fan-shapped and spanning an arc of 180-250 degrees, usually symmetrical; basiscopic inner margin strongly recurved; outer pinna margins entire to undulate, occasionally denticulate or shallowly cleft with angular sinuses. Sporophores 8-18 cm long; sporophore stalks 5-9 cm long and longer at maturity than the length of the tropophore; sporangia-bearing portion erect, 1-2 pinnate, broadly lanceolate to narrowly ovate in outline, the branches 6-8, basal branches ascending and not twisted (adapted from Stenvold et al. 2002).

Species Range

Range Comments
In MT only from Glacier County; AK and KT and northwest BC, with disjunct occurrences in northeastern OR and east-central CA (Donald Farrar, Iowa State University, unpublished ms.).

Summary of Observations Submitted for Montana
Number of Observations: 2

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Various open, mesic habitats.

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