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Spiked Brome - Bromus racemosus

Exotic Species (not native to Montana)

Global Rank: GNR
State Rank: SNA

Agency Status
MNPS Threat Rank:
C-value: 1

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General Description
Annuals, culms 20-110 cm. Lower sheaths densely stiff-hairy, often retrorse; upper sheaths glabrous or pubescent; ligules 1-2 mm, glabrous or hairy, erose; blades 7-19 cm long, 1-4 mm wide, pilose on both surfaces. Panicles 4-16 cm long, 2-3 cm wide, erect, open. Spikelets 12-20 mm long, terete to moderately compressed; florets 5-6. Lower glumes 4-6 mm long, 3(5)-veined; upper glumes 4-7 mm long, 7-veined; lemmas 6.5-8 cm lon, distinctly 7(9)-veined, tips acute to obtuse with two short teeth; awns 5-9 mm, arising less than 1.5 mm below apex; anthers 1.5-3 mm (adapted from: Pavlick & Anderton, 2007, Flora N. America, Vol. 24).

Range Comments
Native to Europe and the Baltic region; throughout much of southern Canada and USA (Pavlick & Anderton, 2007, Flora N. America, Vol. 24).

Fields, roadsides, disturbed areas.

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