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Eastern Helleborine - Epipactis helleborine
Other Names:  Broadleaf Helleborine

Non-native Species

Global Rank: GNR
State Rank: SNA

Agency Status
MNPS Threat Rank:
C-value: 1

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General Description
Plants 40-100 cm tall. Leaves 6-10 cm long, lanceolate to ovate. Flower bracts linear to narrowly lanceolate. Sepals 10-13 mm long, green, purple-tinged (especially on outside); lateral petals 8-11 mm long; lip 10-12 mm long, lower half pouch-like white to pinkish outside, brown to purplish insdie, upper half more or less flat, white to pinkish, with 2 thick bumps near the base; column 3-5 mm long. Fruit 1-1.5 cm long (Wilken & Jennings, 1993, The Jepson Manual).

Range Comments
Sporadic in North America, most commonly in Great Lakes region (Kartesz 2009).

Generally on dry slopes or road cuts, less than 1300 m (Wilken & Jennings 1993).

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