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Black and Purple Sedge - Carex luzulina var. atropurpurea

Native Species

Global Rank: G5T4
State Rank: S4
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Agency Status
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State Rank Reason (see State Rank above)
This variety has been collected from five counties in the southwestern Monana mountains.
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    Black and Purple Sedge (Carex luzulina var. atropurpurea) Conservation Status Review
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General Description
This is a perennial plant with clumped stems reaching 15-60 dm in height. Leaves are crowded near the base with flat blades that are 2-4 mm wide. The lower spikes are pistillate, 1-3 cm long, and are borne on erect stalks. Scales of the pistillate spikes are blackish or brownish-purple and pointed at the tip; the perigynia are pubescent with three stigmas and develop into three-sided achenes. The terminal spike is staminate, at least at the top.

Plants are fertile in July and August.

Diagnostic Characteristics
The other variety of this species in Montana, C. luzulina var. ablata, has wider leaf blades and round-tipped, greenish, straw-colored, or reddish brown pistillate flower scales. The similar C. misandra has drooping spikes on slender stalks and pistillate flowers located above the staminate ones.

Range Comments
Regional endemic of eastern Idaho, southwestern Montana, and western Wyoming.

Subalpine wet meadows and streamsides.

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