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Ross' Avens - Geum rossii var. rossii

Status Under Review
Native Species

Global Rank: G5T5
State Rank: S1?
(see State Rank Reason below)

Agency Status
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State Rank Reason (see State Rank above)
Reported for the Mission Mountains, Lake County (Hitchcock and Cronquist 1973). More information needed to determine the status of the taxa in the state.
General Description
See species description and "Diagnostic Characters" below.

Diagnostic Characteristics
Calyx usually green or only slightly purplish-tinged, the lobes mostly strongly veined; segments of leaflets mostly 3-6 mm broad, tending to be merely toothed or lobed less than half their length; flowers mostly single and terminal, less commonly 2 or 3 (Hitchcock, 1961, Vasc. Pl. Pacific Northwest, Vol. 3).

Range Comments
A boreal taxon as far south as BC and with reports in Lake County (Missions Mountains) and Ravali County (Lackschewitz 1991).

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