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White-flower Navarretia - Navarretia leucocephala

Undetermined Origin
Not Documented

Global Rank: G4
State Rank: SNA
(see State Rank Reason below)

Agency Status
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State Rank Reason (see State Rank above)
Navarretia leucocephala has not documented in Montana. Previous reports have been mis-identified. A conservation status rank is not applicable (SNA) because this plant is not known to occur in Montana.
General Description
Stems hairy below heads, hairs recurved. Leaves 1-2 times pinnate; lobes linear, lower leaves glabrous, upeer ones hairy at base. Inflorescence: outer bracts leaf-like, lobes needle-like, 2-4 branched at base, lobes near tip 2, shorter, entire, pointed tipward; inner bracts simplerl, base membranous-winged, ciliate, width of wing greater than midrib. Flower: Calyx ribs glabrous or slightly hairy, tapered, gland-dotted below, membrane truncate, ciliate; corolla 4-10 mm, lobes with 1 vein entering base; stames exserted; stigmas 2, minute. Fruit transluscent, adhering to seeds until wet (Day, 1993, The Jepson Manual).

Diagnostic Characteristics
Subspecies minima, the only one know for MT, can be distinguished from others by the following characters (Day 1993): Stems 2-8 cm; inflorescence 1-2 cm wide, bracts less than 2 times length of the head, lobes 3-4 branches on back. Flower: Calyx ribs generally toothed; corolla white, generally included, throat <2 mm wide, lobes lienar; style included or slightly exserted. Seeds 1-6.

Said to occur in vernal pools (Day 1993) but this may not apply to MT specimens.

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