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Gronovius Dodder - Cuscuta gronovii
Other Names:  Cuscuta umbrosa

Undetermined Origin

Global Rank: G5
State Rank: SNR

Agency Status
MNPS Threat Rank:

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General Description
Stems 0.4-0.6 mm or more in diameter. Flowers 204 mm long, on pedicels shorter than or about equaling the flowers, in loose or densely panicled cymes; calyx lobes broad, ovagte, orbicular or oblong, obtuse, overlapping, shorter than corolla tube; corollas narrowl campanualte, almost tubular, the lobes mostly shorter than the tube, ovate, obtuse, spreading; scales mostly equaling the tube, usually oblong, fringed; stamens about as longa s the lobes, filaments longer than the oval anthers; styles shorter thatn the globose-conic ovary. Fruits capsular, globose-conic to obpyriform, beaked, occasionally glandular, enveloped at base by withered corolla; seeds 1.5 mm long, 2-4 per fruit (Austin, 1986, Flora of the Great Plains).

Range Comments
Presence not confirmed for MT; WY (Sheridan County), much of southern Canada and USA (Kartesz 2009).

Growing over many different herbs and shrubs (Austin 1986).

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