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Sharptip Sandwort - Arenaria congesta var. cephaloidea
Other Names:  Eremogone congesta var. cephaloidea

Native Species

Global Rank: G5T3T5
State Rank: SNR

Agency Status
MNPS Threat Rank:

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General Description
Perennial from a branched caudex, forming loose mats. Stems erect, simple, 5–30 cm. Leaves filiform, flexuous or rigid, glabrous, 2–8 cm long, shorter above. Inflorescence many-flowered, congested, glabrous; pedicels less than 0.5 mm long. Flowers: sepals glabrous, ovate to lanceolate, scarious-margined, 3–6 mm long, apex acute to acuminate and sharp; petals oblong, 5–8 mm long. Capsules glabrous, 3–6 mm long (adapted from Lesica 2012. Manual of Montana Vascular Plants. BRIT Press. Fort Worth, TX).

Diagnostic Characteristics
Variety cephaloidea is diagnosed from the other two varieties in Montana by its congested, capitate inflorescence, and the sharp narrow apices of the sepals (Hartman et al. 2005, Fl. North America, Vol. 5).

Range Comments
Most widespread in ID but also in WA, southern and northeast OR, and Sanders, Gallatin and Fergus counties in MT (Kartesz 2009).

Open, gravelly woods; 300-1000 m (Hartman et al. 2005, Fl. North America, Vol. 5).

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