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Border Goldthread - Thelesperma subnudum
Other Names:  Thelesperma marginatum

Native Species

Global Rank: G5
State Rank: S4

Agency Status
MNPS Threat Rank:
C-value: 3

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General Description
Glabrous perennial from a branched caudex. Stems erect, simple, 10–25 cm. Leaves cauline, opposite; lower petiolate, deeply 3-lobed; lobes linear-lanceolate, 1–3 cm long; upper reduced, simple. Inflorescence of 1 to 3 terminal heads; peduncles 2–15 cm long. Heads discoid; involucre hemispheric, 6–9 mm high; phyllaries in 2 very unequal series; the inner narrowly ovate, striate, scarious-margined, united below; outer short, often reflexed; receptacle flat with a scale subtending each flower. Disk flowers perfect, yellow; corollas 4–6 mm long, tube shorter than the throat; style branches flattened. Pappus of 2 minute awns or absent. Achenes cylindric, compressed, glabrous, 5–7 mm long, enclosed in the scale (Lesica 2012. Manual of Montana Vascular Plants. BRIT Press. Fort Worth, TX).

Our plants are variety marginatum (Rydb.) Cronquist.

Range Comments
AB south to NV, AZ, NM and SD (Lesica 2012. Manual of Montana Vascular Plants. BRIT Press. Fort Worth, TX).

Observations in Montana Natural Heritage Program Database
Number of Observations: 1

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Relative Density



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Grasslands, sagebrush steppe, coniferous woodlands; plains, valleys (Lesica 2012. Manual of Montana Vascular Plants. BRIT Press. Fort Worth, TX).

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