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Chocolate Chip Lichen - Solorina octospora

Species of Concern
Undetermined Origin

Global Rank: G3G5
State Rank: S1
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State Rank Reason (see State Rank above)
In Montana known from one location in the northwest.
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    Chocolate Chip Lichen (Solorina octospora) Conservation Status Review
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General Description
Thallus with normal, expanded lobes or just a narrow rim around the apothecia; apothecia with 8 spores per ascus (examine thin sections of the apothecia under the compound microscope); and cephalodia internal (McCune and Geiser 2009).

Diagnostic Characteristics
Small thallus with relatively large apothecia. Examine thin sections of the apothecia under the compound microscope and look for 8 spores per ascus.

Range Comments
An arctic-alpine species that extends southward in the Rocky Mountains to New Mexico (McCune and Geiser 2009).

On damp calcareous soil (alpine sod) in the alpine/sub-alpine zones.

Photobiont: green algae and cyanobacteria (nitrogen-fixer).

Reproductive Characteristics
Reproduces sexually by spores from the apothecium; 8 spores per ascus.

Threats or Limiting Factors
None identified.

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