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Thorn Lichen - Dendriscocaulon umhausense

Species of Concern
Undetermined Origin

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Known from one location in western Montana.
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    Thorn Lichen (Dendriscocaulon umhausense) Conservation Status Review
    Review Date =
General Description
The genus "Dendriscaulon" applies to the cynobacterial photomorph of several species represented by several genera and is not yet a valid taxonomic entity. "Dendriscocaulon": Thallus minutely fruticose, erect, mostly 3-10(20) mm tall, cream to grayish, basal branches becoming dark gray to gray brown at the tips, richly branched, corticate; main branches densely tomentose with fine whitish or hyaline hairs; podetia solid; apothecia unknown; and chemical spot tests negative (McCune and Geiser 2009).

On a rock (weakly calcareous) face in a Pseudotsuga-Holodiscus forest.

Threats or Limiting Factors
None identified.

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