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A Torncap Moss - Bucklandiella macounii
Other Names:  A Torncap Moss, Racomitrium brevipes

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General Description
Plants: Growing in uncrowded clumps of erect shoots, somewhat russet above, black, often with the leaves fallen, below. Stems 5-10 cm; no central strand present (FNA 2007).

Leaves: Flat against the stem and straight when dry, spreading when wet, 2.7-3.5 mm in length, 0.5-.75 mm in width, lance-shaped, folded longitudinally above; margins slightly turned back and down; awn short and finely toothed; costa grooved above, convex on the abaxial leaf surface (FNA 2007).

Leaf Cells: Apical and marginal cells 2-layers thick, the upper laminal cells in 1 layer; basal laminal cells at the margin quadrangular, short, with fine walls, not transparent, arranged in several rows; basal laminal cells adjacent to the costa long and narrow with very thick and slightly knobby walls; medial laminal cells with very thick, wavy walls, quadrangular, short to long (FNA 2007).

Diagnostic Characteristics
The similar Grimmia leibergii has a costa semi-circular in X-section rather than circular, thick-walled basal marginal cells rather than thin-walled, and awns that frequently extend down and along the leaf margins instead of an awn that is not decurrent (FNA 2007).

Range Comments
North American Range

AK, BC s to WA and ID (FNA 2007). Known in Montana from Flathead and Glacier Counties (Elliott 2016).

Dry stones. Elevation: low to medium (FNA 2007).

Reproductive Characteristics
Dioicous. Fruit produced erratically. Seta with a swan-like neck, 3-4 mm tall. Capsule carried beyond the perichaetial leaves, ochre; peristome teeth divided and with openings, orange, bearing papillae above. Calyptra unseen (FNA 2007).

Gemmae not present (FNA 2007).

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