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A Millipede - Adrityla cucullata

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General Description
Genus Adrityla: Large, to about 25.0 mm in length with 30 postcephalic (body) segments; pigmented; segmental setae and paranota prominent, head not covered by collum. Male gonopods modified from 3 interlocking pairs of legs; anterior gonopods (legs 8) consisting of pair of cheirites fromed from fusion of teleopodite, sternite, and tracheal apodeme of each side; posterior gonopods (legs 9) 3-segmented, coxae with large colpocoxite, partially fused to sternites and tracheal apodemes, distal telopodite article inflated and turned dorsally. Legs 10 with coxae greatly enlarged and lobed, coxal gland present, coxae fused to sternites, telopodites reduced. Legs 11 without coxal glands (Causey 1961; Shear 1971).

[From Loomis and Schmitt 1971] Adrityla cucullata: Males to 22.0 mm length, females to 20 mm length, both 3.0 m width; male flatter above than female. Anterior gonopods higher, more slender, apex oblique, the median mesal spur on the posterior face rather than on its inner edge; posterior gonopods have each of the inner parts with a distinct flagellum, and in posterior view the outer part not apically enlarged or tuberculate; from base of leg 9 an inwardly curving structure (telopodite) rises, the apical portion dark, highly chitinized, and resembling somewhat an inflated terminal leg joint with a small claw; the 2 gonopods united by an undivided sternum. Body segment 8 with 2 parts of normal legs, the anterior of which has a nipple-like tubercle behind on each joint; the high and thick process bent back over coxa of succeeding leg somewhat spongy beneath the apex instead of being setose or lacinate.

Little information. Adults of both sexes reported in mid-April (Loomis and Schmitt 1971).

Diagnostic Characteristics
Family Adritylidae differs from related families by the telopodites of legs 9 of males present but reduced, distal articles enlarged and turned dorsally; legs 10 of males with the coxae greatly enlarged and lobed, 10th telopodite reduced to 2 or 3 segments, anterior gonopods a pair of cheirites formed by fusion of telopodites, sterites, and tracheal apodemes. Adrityla cucullata is the only representative of the family in Montana.

Range Comments
Montana endemic. Reported from Missoula County (Loomis and Schmitt 1971), at about 1220 m elevation.

Observations in Montana Natural Heritage Program Database
Number of Observations: 1

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Little information. Fields (Loomis and Schmitt 1971), probalby adjacent to montane conifer forest.

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