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A Noctuid Moth - Richia parentalis

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General Description
The Richia parentalis adult has an extremely variable forewing color and pattern both in the basic ground color from light gray to dark gray, and in the amount of black that ranges from none to extensive in the median two-thirds (Powell and Opler, 2009).

The adults have a single flight from early August to mid-October (Powell and Opler, 2009).

Range Comments
Richia parentalis occurs in two geographic clusters. It occurs from Montana and the western Dakotas to eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska, and also from northeastern California east to the mountainous portion of Colorado and south to southern Arizona, New Mexico, and western Texas (Powell and Opler, 2009).

Summary of Observations Submitted for Montana
Number of Observations: 1

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Richia parentalis is found in ponderosa pine forests as well as pinyon-juniper forests (Powell and Opler, 2009).
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