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Leach's Grass-veneer Moth - Crambus leachellus

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General Description
C. leachellus is a moderately large Crambid (25 - 27 mm wingspan) with medium brown forewings that have a wide longitudinal silvery white discal stripe which ends before the subterminal line. This stripe lacks a tooth below and is not cut by an oblique line. The forewings have a triangularly produced apex. There is a row of five dark spots in the subterminal line. The hindwing is smoky white. The cilia of both fore and hind wings are silvery metallic. Males are similar to females (Powell and Opler, 2009).

C. leachellus adults have been collected in Alberta from August to mid September (Powell and Opler, 2009).

Range Comments
C. leachellus is a widespread North American species (Powell and Opler, 2009).

Observations in Montana Natural Heritage Program Database
Number of Observations: 3

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C. leachellus prefers grassland areas (Powell and Opler, 2009).

Food Habits
It is presumed that C. leachellus larvae feed on grasses (Powell and Opler, 2009).

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